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Power Kid Podcast ft. Michele Martell

Thanks to Phil Albritton for having me on his Power Kid podcast! It was a blast! Tune in to get my thoughts on connected toys, kid influencers, and being a Muppet!



Question: What do you get when you mix a media/technology attorney with decades of marketing experience? Answer: My guest today, the brilliant Michele Martell! She provides business, legal, marketing and brand strategy services to clients across the media and technology spectrum. She is also involved in content creation, production, financing, distribution and licensing for live action and animated features. She has served in VP roles for both The Jim Henson Company and WWE. Currently she is the Board of Directors/Programming Chair for Women In Toys.

Today we discuss her experience at the Jim Henson Company and WWE and the different lessons she learned in these environments. Michele has deep knowledge and experience with YouTube marketing and influencers so I ask her about the future of this outlet and what regulations may be coming down the pipe. What can we learn from the Children’s Television Act that we might apply to the future of YouTube ads? Finally we discuss the growing market of connected toys and how toy companies need to navigate the concerns in this category.


Tune in and thank you for subscribing!

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